Meeting your unique needs and goals
is our highest priority.


Business success largely depends on distinguishing yourself from the competition. Same holds true in our business. Whether it's your web site, business software, systems or database management, when it's designed around your unique needs and goals it will perform better, require less maintenance, grow more fluidly, and in the long run, cost less. We specialize in custom solutions, having developed them for institutions as large and complex as the Federal Government and Fortune 100 companies, and as modest as the start-up e-commerce concern around the block.

Our custom development services

Web design and development - Your website is the face you present to the world; it is the most conspicuous ambassador for your company and brand. How your web site looks, functions and behaves with the user establishes what kind of company you are and how far you can go. Do you really want to pull a solution off the shelf?

We are a team of developers, programmers, site architects, designers and search engine marketers; here to build a site around your company and goals, and always with an eye toward the future making sure your web platform will grow with you.

Technologies used:

Custom systems integration - Software systems, like people, perform better when communicating. To keep that analogy going, imagine a department within a company where fifty percent of the employees are new and unaware how the department functions. That's very much like your software systems when new technologies get introduced to existing, or legacy, software. We eliminate that confusion, seamlessly integrating new systems with old, and ensuring that all systems communicate flawlessly. We can't do anything about that weird guy in marketing, though.

  • Data Integration
  • Data Transformation
  • Systems Assessment

Database administration - A database underpins every software system. How you administer it — build, optimize, maintain it — determines how well the whole system functions. You can entrust this role to us and be assured your systems run on a solid foundation.

Technologies used: