Sometimes, a little advice can
make a big difference.


We have decades of information/interactive solution experience that we are pleased to share with our clients. Often, clients have their own IT departments that may lack experience in a certain discipline or technology. We gladly guide them to a solution. A small investment in professional counsel can usually save a small fortune in the long run.

IT Consulting Services

Network assessments - A substandard network can be an organization's weakest link. Get a thorough appraisal of your network — its strengths and weaknesses, its ability to perform under your current expectations, its scalability. We will audit your network for its security risk, and report any threats. We will assess firewalls, filtering and points of failure. In the end, you will have a clear picture of your network and whether it is up to the task.

  • Security Risk — security audits, recommendations, risk management
  • IT Security — physical security, network access, policy enforcement
  • Firewalls — application gateways, IP filtering, points of failure
  • Secure Networks — virtual private networks, monitoring, operational control

Needs assessments - Knowing you need to do something but not knowing how to proceed is a frustrating place to be. Here's a suggestion: let us conduct a needs assessment. We'll dig in with you to grasp the essential goals of your organization, what distinguishes you from your competition, and how you conduct your business. Armed with that insight we will outline a strategy, infrastructure and software requirements, a general timeline and approximate costs. From there, you can go anywhere.

Your needs assessment will cover four main milestones, with us guiding the way throughout:

  • Design and Architecture — Uncovering the needs of the business and defining achievable IT solutions
  • Project Management — Scheduling, communicating, supporting, and managing executive expectations
  • Implementation — Following through with design guidelines and leveraging new processes
  • Transition — Communicating through process, confirming accuracy, and measuring success