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Search Engine Optimization - Web sites on Google's (or Yahoo's or any of the myriad search engines') first page get the lion's share of the traffic, the lion's share of the sales. Showing up there is a worthy goal. There are two ways to star on page one of Google: buy your way in, or earn your way in. We happen to be good at both marketing strategies, and especially shine in the latter.

By far the most effective path to Google glory is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO moves your web site's visibility organically and progressively upward in the Google hierarchy until your web site gets to the front page and, just as important, stays there. Users trust — and click — these sites more frequently. SEO is part science and part elbow grease and undeniably a crucial part of your marketing strategy. It's understanding the complex algorithms used by search engine robots that crawl web sites for keywords; it's dogged attention to analytics and constant monitoring of changing search engine algorithms; it's consistently auditing competitors' Google status and adjusting to compete and win.

Winning means planning and planning starts with an evaluation of your web site, followed by:

  • Business / industry competitive analysis
  • Consultation with key constituencies
  • Key word analysis
  • SEO Implementation
  • Monitor, assess, and adjust
  • Monthly reports

Pay-per-click advertising - Buying sponsorship positions (ads) on Google or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising counts as another strategy for some business. A3 offers counsel and management services to companies interested in this route.

Email marketing - Email Marketing has advantages that conventional direct mail can't touch: Speed — you can conceive, develop and send an e-mail campaign in a matter of hours. Cost — printing, stamps, mail houses … enough said. Metrics/Testing — immediately know how many e-mails were opened, conversions, forwards. Versatility — use e-mail to inexpensively deliver newsletters, prospect for customers, communicate with off-site employees and sales teams, build customer relationships, promote new products, announce company changes or product upgrades and recalls. Sorry, Postmaster General.

Before we build a monument to email marketing, let's all remember that spam (unwanted email) is a challenging hurdle for companies using this formidable tool. That's where we come in. We have the experience, training and talent to sidestep the obstacles and take your email marketing to the next level. And we can set up your email marketing for you to manage, or manage it for you.

  • Tactics for capturing email addresses on your web site
  • Custom email strategies
  • Customized email templates
  • Import/export email contact lists
  • CAN SPAM Compliance, opt-ins/opt-outs
  • Full campaign reporting — opened, clicks, conversions, forwards