A culture carefully nurtured
through the years.


Who we are

We’re Passionate – We're more than just the collection of talents and skills of the individuals who work at A3. We're a culture carefully nurtured through the years. We're Fervent, ardent, obsessive, enthusiastic; compelled by, or ruled by intense emotion or strong feeling.

You hear it in our discussions. You see it in our work.

About – Associated or connected... We can’t leave our work behind at the end of the day. It would be like leaving our consciousness behind.

What we do – Pertaining to the occupation or character of a person. Our work is part of our personal make-up. It runs through the very fiber of who we are.

We’re passionate about what we do. When you break it down, it really does describe us as a whole. Who we are is a collection of compassionate individuals that understands that what we do is bigger than any one of us. We take the trust bestowed upon us by our client partners and hold it dear.

The story behind A3

For A3 IT Solutions it's the remembrance of Arthur Albert Anderson, our founders' father-in-law.

In-laws commonly get little respect in our culture, but Arthur, or Arch as he was better known, was an uncommon man. A steel mill worker who confronted a difficult life with grit and good humor. He never met a stranger and devoted his life to family and friends. He lived his life by a simple set of values — character, integrity, honesty and respect for every individual — and that example made a lasting impression on his sons-in-law. The founders deemed it a privilege to honor their father-in-law by naming their company after him, and by laying its foundation on the values Arthur Albert Anderson lived every day of his life.